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Bann Bed and Breakfast

Our Story

Your Home Outside Your Home

BANN at Oak Knoll NAPA, is a Resort Style Bed and Breakfast, with a limited amount of room, and was built with the passion of Chef Lalita Souksamlane, who is also the owner of the 5 famous restaurants in San Francisco. The owner has an inspiration to build a small hotel while also presenting a sense of stylish Thai, and also intend to mainly use the place as a location for event holding, such as wedding, with a “feeling at home vibes” with the concept of “East meets West”, she also wanted it to be a combination of both cultures, through the life of Thai people in the four different regions of the country.



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Stay Over


Gold royal-like, the Chaiburi is stunningly unique in style, with artisan carvings imported from Thailand. The Rattan-style chandelier is the centerpiece of the room.

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Wiang Ping

Luxurious and rich with local heritage style with modern amenities, and a sense of Thai-Lanna Culture. The Wiang Ping room is inspired by the authentic folkway of Northern living.


Singha Nakorn

The Southerners have developed their own unique culture and are most known for their Sino-colonial style; a mix of European and Chinese styles or simply colonial architecture


Safety Information

In response to the COVID-19 situation



The Best Day of your Life At Bann

Intimate events, wedding reception, elegant anniversaries, birthday celebrations, and memorable gatherings. Your special occasion deserves a uniquely beautiful setting, and service that’s tailor-made to suit your wishes.

Pet Policy

Pet Policy

We gladly welcome our guests traveling with small dogs up to 30lbs.

Pool & Hot tup


We are ready to welcome you to the luxurious experience at Bann


Experience Napa


We have partnered with them for a special

2 for 1 Signatures Tasting Package


Take a morning hike or an evening run in the beautiful well-tended Alston park


Get the best deal while in NaPa only 10 mins drive from Bann


Rejuvenate yourself with our preferred list of massage therapists right in your room


Visit Our new Osha NaPa for a meal to remember during your in the wine county

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